Days 25 -38


Part A: day 25-31

Now that the work weeks are becoming a bit more easier and things are running smoother, there is not too much to report other than Daniel and I are pretty much there on our own now.

Although the start of this week we had Dave still with us, and because he likes to go out we went out to dinner a couple of times.

The first place we went to was actually a place we had driven by a couple of time already and somewhere I was actually really looking forward to going. Meatballs is around the corner from our place in Mount Lawley, and pretty much they only serve meatballs (Or food in meatball from).

You could get a few different type of meatballs, sort of like tapas, or you could opt for it in a meal which is what we did. I got a more traditional meatball served with gnocchi and Daniel got buttermilk chicken with waffle fries.

Every time we go out lately, Daniel feels the need to order a espresso martini, and tonight with dessert was no exception. Between the three of us our dessert consisted of, deep fried Oreo, Cannoli and Profiteroles.

Later on in the week for the second time we went out for dinner, we went around the same area to a pub called Queens. This place had such a cool atmosphere and decor to it. Very on trend for the type of area it is in. Mt Lawley, seems to be a mix of Richmond and Chapel street with Hipsters everywhere. Tonight we went overboard with ordering with 3 share plates and then a main meal each.


And of course Daniels espresso martini.

Saturday this week was mostly spent at home due to my altercation with a the path lady. Her struggles to find my veins were not appreciated and did not help with the way i was feeling already. Nor was her attempt to soften the situation by drawing a smiley face on my band aid. For those playing at home bloods were taken to check my B12 levels and as it turns out I’m due for a top up.


Sunday was time for WA to show us what they got!!!

A road trip to a little town call York.


About an hour out of Perth and we hit real country! I drove an hour to work everyday and didn’t even come close to county like this.

York is the oldest inland town in WA. There is not a lot there and the best I could probably compare it to is somewhere like Rutherglen, minus the wines. Still we had some tea and sconces at the “flour mill” a little cafe next to the old flour mill factory and went for a bit of a walk up to the lookout over town.


Part B: Day 31 to 38

This week was pretty low key. As we have been pretty full on the last couple of weeks we didn’t want to do too much. But we did have some steller days with Monday and Tuesday being 37 and 35 degrees.

Saturday we went out for dinner with an old friend we meet on our american contiki trip. We went to this roof top bar called the Aviary.ย I also had my first uber experience getting there. Its crazy how in WA its never busy where you go, unless you go to a shopping center (which we work out the next day). But if this bar was in Melbourne it would have been packed. Sasha was able to answer a few of our WA questions and even put my mind at ease by telling I’m not going crazy, things are just a tab more expensive here. We got to meet a few of her friends and have a few drinks as our first “going out” night in Perth.

Sunday was an attempt at Christmas shopping which didn’t get us very far when the shopping center filled up too quickly with people.

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