Days 18 to 24


What a crazy first week live! We defiantly ran into some issues. But nothing to dramatic to stress us all out. But come Friday, it turned out to be quite a successful first week live. All the staff are now confidant in what they are doing and the whole process seems to have a nice flow to it.

Come this weekend though Daniel and I were a bit divided, Literally.

I went home for the weekend. Flying out at 6.45pm Perth time to arrive 2am Melbourne time.

My flight home was so that I could surprise a friend who thought I wasn’t coming to her engagement. So a low profile was kept on Saturday. Not that it was too difficult as most of the time I had in Melbourne I wanted to spend with Memphy. Saturday was a big success, as Erika (the bride to be) was very surprised and I was very lucky to have not missed such a great night. One thing I did learn from my quick trip home was that I will never fly with Tiger air again. I don’t care how little you pay, you should never spend money on having to sit in someone else’s filth. But otherwise the party, seeing Memphy, family and friends, as well as getting to use my new bathroom was worth it.


Daniel however had his weekend worked out to the minute. After Daniel dropped me off he called it a night so he could get up and be at the warehouse at 6am to work for a few hours. From 10 till 12 he went for a swim at the beach, then from 12 till about 5 he went to the WACCA to watch the cricket. From all the snap chats I was getting, it seemed like he was having too good of a time without me.


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