Days 11 to 17


Well what a week it has been. We have been so crazy busy as we go live as of the 31.10.16. Plus we have all these people flying in to be here for it, so we have to be on our best behavior.

We still had trucks to unload and set up things in the warehouse and that what was basically done for the rest of the week.

We were so busy, that it got to the point where I had to jump down on the floor and start creating locations for each individual item. Something I had no Idea how to do, but easy to learn. I also felt like it gave me a chance to have a bit more understanding of this whole logistics game.


On Wednesday night we ended up going out to dinner as the Jess from Melbourne had arrived. So we went to the same Italian restaurant Dave took us to a few weeks back and then as the rest went back to the hotel room, Daniel, Dave, Jess and myself went to this underground whisky bar. It was very cool and surprising as the night got on it got busier. Crazy for a Wednesday night , we left at 11 and there were still people rocking up.

Thursday the girls went to all 6 stores while the boys stayed back at the warehouse to keep going. It was just a pop into each store to introduce myself as their primary contact. It was a good opportunity to see a bit more of Perth. Although I learnt pretty quickly there is a lot of nothing in between towns. But none the less, on our travels we saw Nic Naitanui at a petrol store, a bit of a local Perth celebrity.

Friday was the longest day we spent working, Daniel and myself had already been pushing 10 hours over time already this week, and in a last ditch effort to get everything done so we didn’t have to work Saturday we worked another 12 hours. But it was all lost as Management only started to help out at the end of the day and then decided they wanted to come in Saturday. Which was another 9 hours. So pretty much 20 hours over time this week!

Friday we also got our car back finally. Only took 3 weeks due to the truck breaking down half way. It was nice to have all our stuff here, but trying to find the time to put it all away was going to be difficult.


After work on Saturday, to try and perk ourselves we went out for coffee and cake before we cancelled our work dinner plans (we spent enough time with those people already). It was just nice to sit and people watch outside the restaurant in Mt Lawley. But we were pretty tired and still had so much to do at home that it didn’t last long.


Sunday was pretty much the same, we were still so tired and worried we might have to pull more overtime this week that we didn’t do much other than clean  the house up a bit. Daniel did however go out a get a hair cut and decided to shave his beard back to stubble in anticipation of this big boss arriving today. We had another work dinner planned with them, this time somewhere a bit low key. We went to a place called ribs and burgers, and as the name suggests that’s exactly what we ate. Afterwards we already around for a bit trying to find a bar to have a drink, but being a Sunday most were closed. We did find this place right next to the restaurant we were at and just spent an hour there, mostly talking about work.


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