Days Nine and Ten


This weekend was going to be really relaxed as there is a possibility that next weekend we will be working.

The forecast for this weekend was 29 and 31 degrees, and it delivered.

Saturday we went out exploring for a little bit. Most of what we are going to be doing for the first couple of weeks are all places i have seen on Instagram. I follow these two pages, Perthisok and urbanlistper that showcase all the great stuff perth has to offer. So that is where i found the “secret garden”. Its juts a little park not far from perth. Sort of a wetlands reserve, with a little area they call the secret garden. It has been raining a bit this week, so the wetlands were mostly wet which cut off a few path ways, but it seemed to be a bit of a popular area with a lot of people showing up while we were there.

After the hike, we went to the North beach not far from where we were. It wasn’t so much busy on the beach as it was in the water. There must have been a iron comp on as there was a lot of people kayaking behind all the surfers.

We sat around just people watching for a little while before we went for a drive along the coast. After which we stopped for some lunch.

Sunday was just spent lounging around the pool in our apartment building.

After a morning workout we stepped outside to cool off in he pool and ended up staying there. They had some carnival on next door at NIB stadium and were playing some old tunes. So with the weather as nice as it was, next to the pool with some live music all our plans for today went out the window and we just stayed put.

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