Day Five to Nine the working week


Its been a very busy week setting up the warehouse. Its a bit boring as it’s only the same sort of stuff everyday. But i’ll give your a brief run down.

So this week was mostly about getting our stock in and setting up locations on where each item will be placed. My job is mostly customer service based so a lot of what i do wont start till the end of this week coming. As Daniel and i are the only two employed by fantastic, a lot of the physical work, like unloading and moving stock around is done by a 3rd party company. We have three boys unloading the trucks and two boys (who will be picking and delivering the stock to stores once we are up and running) that have been helping Daniel set up the warehouse.

At the start of the week we had a heap of issues with computers and printers. The first two days i pretty much did more cleaning and housekeeping things like set up the kitchen. I also had to spend 3 hours at home on monday so that somebody was around for our fridge to get delivered. Otherwise I’ve been doing all the things i can do to help out. Multiple trips to office works, booking in water coolers, setting up safety signs and guidelines, getting lunch and even running out to do our food shopping.

The warehouse its self is quite large, but there is a lot of unused space due to all racking that is already set up. A lot of it is two small for the furniture to fit. So a lot of our stock is set up on the floor. Our office is in the middle of the warehouse upstairs, so we can see all that happens. My actually desk is facing right out so i can see everything unlike Daniel who has his own office in the back corner.

This week we had 10 containers to unload and this week we will have 13 this week. So a very busy week ahead as next weekend we go live.

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