Day Three and Four


Day three-

Still running on Melbourne time, again I was up early. Which worked out well in the end as it gave us a chance to hunt down somewhere good to eat Breakfast.

We had breakfast in Mt Lawley Mary Street Bakery. Which is not far from our house and seems like the nice trendy area to be at. It was raining this morning and seemed like it was going to settle in for the day but very similar to Melbourne it turned around and decided it would be nice day.


Due to Daniel having exams yesterday we had to pop in to the warehouse so he could unload two containers. The warehouse is actually located next to the airport and you can even see the Qantas terminal on the other side of our street. The place is quite big and has a lot of space that is unsuitable due to the previous product they stocked here, the shelving is too small and therefore can’t accommodate the flat packs.


Two unloaded containers and one very board me, we went on the hunt for a fridge. They don’t really have any homemaker centre’s here. All the big stores are a bit spread out, so we got over it very quickly and snapped up a small fridge from Harvey Norman. Even then we made the mistake of going to Ikea to look at outdoor furniture for our balcony. The biggest mistake. I thought Kmart yesterday was bad, this was worse. So we basically ran through Ikea just to get out as quickly as possible.

On our way home we noticed all these people heading to NIB stadium which is opposite our apartment block.  The Rugby Australia vs New Zealand was on and we could hear it all plain as day if we sit on our balcony. Thinking we would cook dinner tonight, we still had to go out to the supermarket, we waited till the crowds disbursed at 4.30pm. After visiting two supermarkets that were closed we googled it to only find out that shops shut at 5pm on weekends. So it was take away again tonight.


Day four-

Today was all about exploring. We went to Fremantle for the morning to have breakfast. Fremantle is very pretty with its old stone buildings. The streets are just lined with cafes and cute stores. We found a small little café in a side street call the Attic that had all these interesting flavour combinations. My porridge I had ordered came back looking like baby food, but still tasted good.

 We walked up and down the street looking at the stores, until we came to Fremantle Market. It’s very similar to the Prahran market back home, where it is all in doors and is open most days. In there we got this insane ice-cream. It had a ring of fairy floss, marshmallows, coco pops and sprinkles. It tasted pretty good, and we definitely got a lot of stares from other people walking by.

After that we decided to just drive and get ourselves familiar with the roads. But somehow we ended up back near our apartment without even trying.

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