Day Two


Day two was a bit more low key. Daniel had two exams today!

I was still running on Melbourne time so i woke at 4.30am and waited around for Daniel to get up.

Before Daniel jumped into more study he took me downstairs to this little hole in the wall coffee shop.


Only open on weekdays, we got something to drink and a jaffle each. Its probably going to become our go to place as there is not many food places around our block. Plus they do a pretty mean jaffle.

Once Daniel had aced his first exam we made a quick dash to Kmart to pick up a few essentials for living. Two trolleys later and $400 spent we had all the fixings for a home.


One observation i did make today was, crazy enough, where we live in the city and around it, is not as busy as where this Kmart was. This Centro we went to was pretty packed. Almost like christmas time.

After Daniels last exam for the day, and i having set the rest of the house up, we were pretty buggered and decided to have a quite night in.

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