Day One


Leaving day- A very long and emotional start to the year. Memphis got to come along for the ride to the airport. I knew he could tell something was up. He kept looking up at me with those “puppy dog eyes” the whole drive. It wasn’t until he decided to move his head i was patting,  let my hand drop into his lap and started licking it that set the guilt off. I didn’t think it was possible to love an animal as much as that little monster. On the plus side of that emotional wave, having 3 bags to check in, all three managed to have excess baggage. But lucky for me the lady at check in took a bit of pity on me and didn’t say a thing about it. The worse being almost 7 kgs over! She also helped me out and changed my seat to an exit row so i could have a bit more space. So all in all crying at check in equals benefits.


My arrival in to Perth was not greeted with the request i had made! Even then he proceeded to tell me we had to be at a work dinner in and hour. Lucky for him i was way past drained to argue and reluctantly spruced up and went out for dinner.

Dinner was at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant “Jamies Itailan”. It was a very nice place but had mixed reviews from the table about the food. I actually like my meal of spinach and ricotta rotolo, Daniel however didn’t think much of his chicken.


Ready to pass out he finally took me home. Couldn’t have much of a first impression as i was ushered around so quickly that night. All my take away was that their roads are a little bit confusing.

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