What colour rose means what?

Sit tight the florist side of me is coming out…….

So did you know that flowers have meanings?  Just a little added something something behind your beautiful bunch. You may have your own meaning behind buying a flower, but why not show off a bit and pick something you can then use to impress her with?

I thought i would just quickly write something up for all those gentleman out there that are preparing for valentines day. (your probably not and didn’t even noticed its in less than a month).

But any who, roses tend to be the choice for cupids awesome day of love and they are quite spacial  because they have a meaning behind every colour.

RED! (being the main choice on this day you should really know the meaning) but if you don’t, a red rose means passionate love. So if you want to theme out that romantic day go with the red. Red roses, red boxes of chocolates, hell even red cute fluffy teddy bears. Very lovey dovey!

PINK! A very girly choice but whats the meaning? Pink means admire/ appreciate. So valentines might not be the greatest time to whip out your new flower knowledge. Giving a girl a pink rose is still nice, but probably don’t tell her you only admire her. Its a day of love not a day of appreciation, unless your approaching love. Hell I’m sure you can spin some crap to get out of not getting her a passionate love rose.

YELLOW! A yellow rose means friendship. So you have this friend you have a crush on, and this valentines day your going to bite the bullet and announce your feelings. Don’t go with the yellow. Your moving up from the friend zone and hopeful moving into the couple zone. Its best to stay away from the yellow on this kind of day.

WHITE! Probably not the best choice to show your love as a white rose means purity. White roses a mostly set aside for the beignets romantic day of our life, your wedding day. The whole idea of a girl wearing white one her wedding day is that she is pure. So white roses tend to go hand in hand.

RED & WHITE! A bunch of red and white roses means unity. Knock the socks off her this Feb 14th and get her a bunch of red and white roses. Then repeat after me….” did you know a bunch of red and white roses means unity? Without you, i wouldn’t be whole. So (insert name here( use her full name it’s cute)) would you make me whole for the rest of our lives by becoming my bride?*…. who could say no to that kind of Kate Hudson movie magic?

*CAUTION, using the whole unity speech is probably only advised if you have invested in a ring and plan to get on one knee.

In saying all that, roses are still a beautiful flower regardless of their meaning. I still think a bunch of white roses are nice with their clean fresh look and wouldn’t be bothered if my husband brought home a bunch for me on valentines day. You can use the meanings any way you like. It might just give you some extra brownie points with the misses.



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