Perfecting the art of the Macaron

What did you do this friday? I spent the day with the cool kids of Savour Chocolate & Patisserie school.

I have tried making Macarons and have failed. Well at least failed in my eyes. They always seem to have little lumps on them to my dismay. So to perfect my Macaron baking skills i took a class with the Savour peeps and this is what i produced.

Todays Menu:

  • Sea Salted Caramel
  • Passionfruit Lime Cheesecake
  • Peanut Brittle and Milk Chocolate
  • Bergamot Lemon Myrtle Ginger Tea
  • Cheeseburger
  • Coffee Hazelnut

Enjoy my little slideshow of the day.


Ingredients at the ready.

Lets get Mixing!


Drying out to get a nice skin on them before the bake.

Fresh out of the oven with their nice little feet on them.

Assembling! Passionfruit jellies for the cheesecake Macarons.

Mint leaves, Chocolate cheese and Strawberry Jam for the Cheeseburger.

Chocolate splatter for the Hazelnut Shells.

The finish products. OH-MM-GEE i love it when they are all aligned perfectly.


I love when a good bake comes together.

Now just have to practise practise practise, which then asks the question who’s going to eat them? Any takers?


5 thoughts on “Perfecting the art of the Macaron

    1. I drew some circles on to a bit of baking paper and placed that under my mat before piping. Then just made sure when i piped that i left about 2mm of the circle so that when i gave them a tap they wouldn’t fall outside the circle. Hope that helps, let me know how you go next time πŸ™‚


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