Pinterest Tried and Tested: Glitter Jars

I have been on Pinterest for years, and i can assure you i have pinned many DIY pins I’m still yet to try……. and test. I have heard some things on Pinterest just don’t work. So I’m going to finally try going through and trying those pins. Starting with an easy one that is sure to work, Glitter Jars.

Tis the season of sparkle and glitter is everywhere. With limited time and money (Daniel and i finally had our honeymoon this december and only got back from it days before christmas) i had to think of something quick, easy and cheap for my christmas table. Being a bit of a jar hoarder and scrapbooker i had all my tools on hand.





Always playing around!


I even used some of the jars to package my ‘snow balls’ as gifts.


Real easy and visually affective. Would love to see how you recycled your jars?


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