Wedding Prep

As my one year wedding anniversary approaches i thought i would share a few of my tips and tricks i used for my own big day. Starting with the gifts i gave out to my bridal party. You don’t necessarily  have to give gifts these days, but i do think it is polite not to mention wedding etiquette . Its just a thoughtful thing as most of your bridal party would have helped  out in some way or even payed for their clothes or beauty treatments. So what to give that’s meaningful and goes with the theme of the day.


I gave my bridesmaid things they could use or wear on the day and once the wedding is over. I didn’t want to get them anything that wasn’t really their style and would never use again like a pearl necklace or things that had bridesmaid written on it.

I opted for the robes, that do seem to be a popular choice. But i picked these according their favorite color and would fit in with my overall wedding theme.


I didn’t stop there i want just something a little bit extra (these girls had helped me a lot with the event so they deserve it). Also in their favorite colors i brought them a Samantha wills ring. Another thing i had seen a lot of girls buy for their bridesmaids.   They came in such cute little wooden boxes that made them feel so special. There was so many to choice from it made it hard to pick the right one that would be different for each girl. But i defiantly feel i made the right choice.


GROOMSMAN AND BRIDEMAN (yes i had a bridesman)

The typically groomsman gifts have been done to death. My husband has been a groomsman twice already and has the flasks and cuff links to prove it. I couldn’t have any of that. This is the girl who trolls pinterest every night. Who loves personal touches and wants people to feel excited when they get something they wouldn’t expect. So what did i get? Personalized leather shaving bags. They were so nice with their initials on the side in a beautiful brown leather. Defiantly something they can use again that doesn’t have our wedding date written all over it.



And for the typical.

These were more sentimentally then getting something they will be able to use. Our parents helped us pay for our wedding so we wanted to them to know how much we appreciated it all. And man it got results. happy tears kind of results. WORTH IT.


My mum isn’t very girly and doesn’t really wear jewelry but i knew she would love this. Even if she never wore it. I think it was just the thought of ‘thank you for raising the women of my dreams’ and the whole wedding really got to her. Cause she chocked up… Bad, and that people is what i call success.


Another purchase i know he wouldn’t use, but then again i embroidered all over it so why would he. A hankie for him to put in his pocket with some kind words embroidered on it. Yet another success, it has been framed and hanging up in my parents house 🙂

I brought pretty much all my gifts from they have a wonderful section on weddings to help your browse and find the perfect gift. I also found Pinterest to be the most amazing tool, as I’m sure you all know, i can spend hours just searching for things of there.

Hope this help inspires you for a bit of gift giving! Let me know what your favourite part of weddings is or the gifts you have given that were special.





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