• STYLED SHOOT- Travelling Gypsies •

Located on a private property the team from Kenzie, Gibb Flicks and James Bell Photography teamed up to produce our first styled shoot. Weather was looking a bit frickle, (typical jes luck, all my big outdoor events, aka wedding, engagement, etc always rains) but my luck was begin to change when out popped the sun in the last couple of hours. Sporting a ‘Travelling Gypsy’ theme i got to work early in the morning, putting up a teepee for our travellers to stop by in as well as a crown, buttonholes and of course a lovely bouquet for our beautiful bride. My amazing friends Erika and Tony plus my younger brother calum looked amazing while they showcased my florals and posed for the cameras. We were very lucky to have a great location that had it’s very own man made railway that spread across the large property. It was the perfect back drop that had so many different spots for our photos.

I want to thank the Wadeson family for allowing us to wonder their property and take some stunning photos. As well as our models and the Letcher and Mackenzie family for catering. It wouldn’t have been a successful first shoot with out these people.

Check out below Gibb Flicks and James Bell Photography amazing work.



IMG_0248 IMG_0242 IMG_0239


IMG_0231 IMG_0202 IMG_0201 IMG_0198


IMG_0223 IMG_0207


IMG_0287 IMG_0320




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