Top Off September



This month i learned a new creative skill, Modelling Chocolate! I tell you it wasn’t easy. The chocoholic in me wanted to eat one every time i made one. It took a lot of will power but i managed to get these loves roses out of my assigned chocolate. I had a great class with the beautiful Jeanie from Artistry in Icing. She was very helpful while i tried to perfect my rose. Modelling chocolate wasn’t as hard as i thought. I actually found it a lot easier to work with than fondant. Any who cake is to follow as i have made one for a special lady’s birthday this weekend and they will be the stars of my performance.


Om Nom- Check at these pic’s!!! How amazing are these desserts. Om Nom is mostly a dessert restaurant but they do serve dinner, and if your going trust me your going for the dessert. Not only does it look spectacular it tastes good to. But then again i think you cant really stuff up sweets.  Everyone there had their smart phones out taking photos and watching the waitress bring out others food to see what to order. Daniel and i ordered three desserts, yes three and we are not ashamed. They came out very quickly and made up so beautiful. The Bomb Alaska came out on fire, the strawberry fields tasted amazing and the chocolate terrarium came out in a big glass bell vase. I had to lift off the top of the vase to get to my food. (side note: i am impressed easily). The place felt so relaxing but still had this sophisticated lounge feel, with wonderful staff. Worth a visit for a bit of a fun night gorking at your food.




Mucking around while doing what i love.


This months place is also a little bit foodie as well, but it was the atmosphere that really roped me in. Just a sunny Sunday arvo i was scrolling through Instagram and found this place. Welcome to Thornburys use to be a car yard in Northcoate, it is now turned into a food truck lovers delight (aka me). A few beers (or ciders) and various food trucks to choice from what more could you ask.  They have plenty of seating outdoors in the sun or indoors in the industrial bar space. It was perfect way to end my Sunday with my wolf pack. I’m sure once the warmer weather starts to repeat its self everyday, the hipsters will come flocking.



An odd little beauty thing this is. I purchased this half way through the month so i’m still going through the motions with it. But basically for 15 minutes a day you sit there with this mask on while the little led light wave their magic wrong and target your acne-prone skin. They also have an anti-aging one if that is your concern of choice. But it is a nice relaxing 15 minutes and it forces you to sit down if your busy like me. (you can attempt to do things with it on but the small eye opener isn’t much help. The only downside is it only has 30 uses on it before you need to purchase a new one to continue.

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