Wildflowers Student Floristry Competition

As a student you need to enter into floristry competition’s. The wildflowers is my first and it’s breif this year was ‘Least we forget’- commemorating the centenary of Anzac. This blog is just a little something something of my design. A photo series on how i constructed it and the brief in which i worked with.

The brief:

The Wreath will be made out of sticks packed with moss that starts to thin out as it goes up the wreath. It will be dark and dreary that gives the feeling of death and hardship. To describe those last final moments of the troops dreading what they knew was coming once they stormed the beach. The thrip will then take you on a journey down the wreath to the bottom left hand where you will find blushing bride and wax flower. The thrip will represent those final moments were their scared feelings were gone and peace was with them as they lost their lives stepping onto the sand. The blushing bride and wax flower is for the innocence that was stolen. The soft colours will help balance the life and death of the wreath. Some of those troops were only 17 not really being of age to be a man. The blushing bride is so fragile and delicate looking. The men were not yet hardened; they were tender and died that way as a lost soul that will be treasured by future generations for their bravery. The Tetragonna is yet another nod to their Australian heritage. It will help create depth and texture to the design and help frame the flowers.

E N J O Y xo











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