Fathers Day

Well its Fathers Day, if you haven’t already got up early and made dad breakfast in bed what are you going to do? Or just plain and simple, like me, you don’t know what to get him (dads are tricky to buy for really). Well if your dad is like mine and has a sweet tooth and is a golf love why not combine the both.

And BAM The golf theme cupcake is born. Well it wasn’t so much as a bam but more like a few clicks, some words typed  and then BAM Pinterest has solved my question.

So with the inspiration flowing i got going (not meant to rhythm. Nobody likes a rhythmer (and yes rhythmer is not a word))

So to start i found some square cupcake holders that had a diamond pattern with some “dad” colours that gave a golfy look. For these cupcakes i was going for a vanilla and mint flavour, so i filled the cupcake holders up to about 3/4 full with batter.


Baked them for around 20 minutes.

While they cooled i made the buttercream with the wilton buttercream recipe, tinted it green and added some mint flavouring.


Using a #233 nozzle i piped grass onto the cupcakes. Earlier that day i had made some flag posts from a print out i found on line through google images. Placed them in the cupcake and added a little fondant golf ball.

IMG_7974 IMG_7978

BAM (yup bam again)…done…. that simple.


Real quick and and easy, so great if you forgot to get him something. So quick get your favourite cupcake recipe out and get caking!

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