Top off august.

A Month of my top 5 favourites:


This month i had an extra class with the Flower Temple located in the QV. I learned how to make the Kokedama (string gardens). How great are these. They look gorgeous hanging there and honestly is a fresh take on the hanging gardens your grandma has on her veranda. I have mine hanging in the entrance to my house. They only need about 2 hours of light a day so your places to hang are endless.



My food place of the month has to be my go to place for dessert. Dolce house gelato in McKinnon. It is in my area and is a great little place to get your gelato fix. But thats not what i go there for. The waffles, oh the waffles. I’m in love with their waffles. The gentlemen who owns the place actually makes everything, including the gelato. He always has new flavours and caters the menu to the season. You honestly need to get down there stat!




Yet another picture of my puppy!

When i was packing for falls, Memphis just decided to sit on my bag, only to make me unproductive ๐Ÿ™‚

Place: Falls creek

I’m a bit of a snow bunny. I just love the atmosphere the alpine projects with everyone being carefree and relaxed. But funnily enough this is the first time i have visited Falls Creek. I have visited most mountains in Victoria and a few overseas but just haven’t found the time to make the track that far just for a weekend. What a surprise it was for me. All it took was one weekend to turn me against my favourite mountain. It was just set out perfectly with all types of runs being spread out instead of in a cluster. There were runs for all levels around the mountain instead of all in the one area. And if any place turns it on like falls did producing a Bluebird day, how could you not fall in love. I’m defiantly booking a week long trip for next year.ย 11898915_10153207203568882_3007362323847692325_nIMG_0815ย FullSizeRender-6


Soap and Glory scrub ’em and leave ’em- body buff.

This scrub makes my shower smell amazing. It doesn’t soap up as much as i would like, but the smell!!! The smell makes mornings just that little bit more exciting and energising.

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