You don’t need a special occasion to send flowers!

Do you really need a reason to send flowers? Here’s 5 reasons you should send flowers minus the special occasion.

1. Well this is a pretty obvious one, hence it being number one. Show your girl or guy some love. There is nothing better than receiving flowers. Except maybe receiving flowers with chocolate. Yes defiantly, receiving flowers with chocolate is ultimate. I remember the first time my husband sent me flowers. We had just been dating for a few months and weren’t to serious as i had big plans for my future. He was going away for the weekend and i was just out home with mama leach (my mum). He sent me a gorgeous vase arrangement (with chocolates of course) with a note saying that he wished he was spending the weekend with me. (Queue the ohhh’s). Needless to say i was sold and moved on from my not so serious status to serious pretty quickly….. and they lived happily ever after. Wait I’m only 26 my ever after isn’t finished yet. But he will be there regardless.

2. Make someones day. Have a friend or family member who has been down on their luck lately. Nothing will turn that frown upside down that a beautiful bunch of blooms being delivered straight to them. Knowing someone out there in this big bad world is thinking of them is sure to make some happy emotions stir in that lovely heart of theres.

3. Show some appreciation. Has someone been kind enough to help you out lately? Maybe they gave you a lift home or helped you out with your DIY project. Show them you appreciate their effort, with a simple bunch of lilies wrapped up all pretty and what not. Or a bunch of wild natives in a nice brown kraft paper wrapped tied off with string. Finish it off with a bottle of wine and they may show some appreciation with a little sharing is caring and offer you a glass. 😉


4. Be the guest everyone wants! Been invited to a dinner party? How about a game night? Didn’t your mother every tell you to never turn up empty handed? How about rocking up to that causal dinner party with a table arrangement for the centre of the table. Everyone loves a a well dressed dining table right. It makes that eating experience just that little bit more nicer.


5. Random act of kindness. Because life is a bed of roses. Avoid being the thorn. 🙂


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