Top off july!

A Month of my top 5 favourites:


Starting this months favourites is something i brought at the very start of the month. I tend to have this thing were i have to walk through a book store just to have a look around and see if anything jumps out at me. I was stocking up on dog supplies for my little man Memphis in k-mart and thought i would have a peak-see through their books. I’ve had my eye on a colouring book for adults for a while now. I heard that it is a stress relief to colour, and I’m always in need of a little relaxing. So i was pretty much a little kid getting giddy when i found one in a department store.


Of course i picked the flower one. It makes sense right?


Daniel and i made a fun new years resolution this year. We had to try a new restaurant at leach once every month. Places that we have seen and wanted to try, or places that were recommended to us. Whatever we felt like at the time. The restaurant i loved the most this month was a place called Tuck shop take away located in Caulfield. It was on a foodie list a friend posted on Facebook of the best burgers in Melbourne. It’s not so much a restaurant more than a little shop front with limited seating. But i was just a fun little place. All the decor inside is to resemble a school giving it that tuck shop feel. Of course i have to try the burger that was recommend, but the meal that came with it. Oh-MM-GEE!!! Very cute.

IMG_7517 Not only do they have a incredible burger. They have nostalgic milkshake flavours like redskins, milko’s and fantails. Bring back school memories yet? You also get a little dessert treat in the form of a chocolate crackle (i do miss those days of the homemade treats from mum). Everything except the bun is made there at the tuck shop, even the chips. It is defiantly worth a trip if your craving a burger.


Brighton Beach. I took my new puppy to the beach for the first time at Brighton. When i looked it up i just thought it was a safe dog beach, but when i got there i was surprised to see it was and area fenced off just for dogs. Their own private little play area. Memphis loved it. It took his little legs a few minutes to get use to the sand but once he got his footing he was off chasing after other dogs. It was so beautiful with the sunset and boats around us. Not bad for a winters day. A lot of people don’t even think of the beach in winter, but for some reason i really love it. I know you the old saying goes you pretty much get 4 seasons in one day here in Melbourne. but i think thats more true when your down at the beach.



This item wasn’t purchased in july, but i finally saw results this month. Its my Clarisonic! I brought it in june and have been using it day and night since then, and i have seen some great results. The first time i used it i could already notice a difference. My skin was just so much smoother and softer. A month later now and my skin is clearer and brighter. Its crazy the difference i see. It is a pricey purchase, starting from about $150 but i would say it is totally worth it. Especially if you are like me and struggle sometimes when I’m tired and i can’t be bothered taking my makeup off late at night. It just makes like easier and i know that even if i wash my face half assed, its still clean.



My favourite picture i took this month was of Memphis in his new shark costume.

My little Shakenado!
My little Sharknado!

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