Florist tip- Tulips

A handy little tip on how to get the most out of your tulips.

Tulips are so delicate and beautiful. I think they are a very understated flower, as they are quite common but can be used in so many different designs. First of all, with most flowers you should always re-cut them on an angle when you purchase/receive them before putting them in a fresh vase of water. Re-cutting helps them to drink the water in your vase and pro-long their life. Replacing the water every couple of days is also another way to get your flowers fresher for longer.

Now with tulips they tend to have a mind of their own and require re-cutting the stem often as they can grow a inch or two overnight. You can also place a pin at the bottom of your bud to stop them growing, but they will not last as long. They also tend to grow towards the light. So don’t be surprised if you place your tulips beautifully in your vase and then the next day they are all facing the window starting to droop and twist. To regain their shape you can wrap your tulips up in butchers paper and leave in fresh water over night, you’ll find that the stems will strengthen up straight again.

A couple of simple Tulip inspiration from my home: IMG_7526


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