My flower of the moment.

The flower I’m currently obsessed with is Sea Holly. I’m still very new to this big bad world of floristry and learning the not so common flowers out there. This was one i had heard about but never really thought of until i saw it right there in front of me at the wholesalers. Needless to say there is not much out there that looks like it. It’s so wild with a gorgeous bluey-purple colour.  It really adds a great texture to any arrangement.


While I’ve been on school holidays the last month. I had to do something to make sure i was still sharping those skills. Tafe doesn’t just end when the clock strikes three. I really wanted to give something more up my ally a try. A garland to hang in my sort of style. Rustic untamed.


I used foliage and sticks from my own garden and Leucadendrons, Bud Wax, Proteas and of course Sea Holly.

Could you imagine walking down the isle and seeing your groom standing under this?


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