Finding Inspiration.

Well today is so gloomy, cold and wet. What do you do when you can’t find the strength to really give a fuck about anything but your butt on that couch? I ask myself this question everyday. Most winter days to be exact. Struggles start first thing. Taking that first leap out of bed. Your bed is so comfy and warm and outside bed is just so….. well outside of your bed. I may sound like I’m bagging out winter a lot, but in actually fact it is my favourite season. I do love the snuggling up in bed, warm comfort food and winter fashion. But what i really love is snow. I wish i could live at the snow. Spend my days skiing and finishing in front of the fire is heaven for me. But when I’m home and need to work, what do you do?

My 5 top tips tips i find helpful to grasp that inspiration back.

1/ Shower. I don’t know why but i seem to always find a hot shower to help me plan my day right. It’s time to think without interruption (unless somebody turns the tap on in the other room causing a cold blast). It’s clear stress free thinking time.

2/ Exercise. Ok i know this is a hard one to just go hey, i need to be inspired I’m going to get up on this cold wet day and work my butt out into a hot sweaty mess. Normally Daniel has to persuade me to do so with guilt trips. But afterwards i tend to get home and start getting motivated to open my laptop and set at my desk to work.

3/ Cleaning and organising my work room. I’am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to magazines or scarpbooking supplies. So when i go to clean my office i tend to get side tracked by my pretty paper collection and washi tape. Or end up sitting there and rereading my cake and event magazines. And so as it happens i become re-inspired by something i have already dog tagged and start to plan a project around it.

4/ Going for a drive. Inspiration is all around us. As a future florist i see inspiration in all the gardens. Not so much my own as I’m working on it 😉 But going somewhere new and imagining the kind of event somebody would want there Then going away  and planning the flowers around it to match helps create something you may not have been able to do at home.

5/ Pinterest. How can you not find Pinterest inspiring? Really, I’m asking???


2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration.

  1. I really like this post. I have been struggling to break the cycle of creative numbness I develop in the cold and I’ve noticed that showers really do help snap me out of procrastination-mode. As for exercise, well I would really like to take yoga up (again).


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