Here i am 26 and still not 100% sure on what I’m doing. Does anyone really?

So for my first blog i thought i would go into more detail on why I’m starting this business adventure. So that you could understand a little bit about me and hopefully help you find your feet just like me along the way.

I have always been a bit creative. I wasn’t a full blown arty person at school. Just the kind that liked to make collages out of the dolly and girlfriend magazines, baking and the occasional painting. But never drawing. Stick figures are still just as hard now as they were then. But like most teens i was just trying to navigate through passing my VCE. It has taken me years to realise i love to be creative but i never thought i was any good at it. I thought you had to produce something amazing to call your self creative. Even now i still think half of my work is shocking. But i love doing it. I’m constantly wanting to try something else or day dreaming of how to make something better. So even though i still need someone behind me to give me that little confidence push and remind me I’m still growing as a creative, I’m still closer to what i love now like this, than i was when i left school 10 years ago.

What really got my heart pumping and my head exploding with excitement that launched me into the creative world was my wedding! My Pinterest lavish, rustic, girly, glittery, country styling, DIY ideas were about to be splashed out all over my own wedding. I couldn’t wait to start. Obviously the wedding you have pinned is not the wedding it turns out to be. But i was sure as hell going to change my mind a thousand times and try every DIY Pinterest thing i could. And so it began with engagement parties, bridal showers and well d-day its self. There was just ideas, inspiration and tutorials everywhere, magazines, internet, Instagram. It all just keep coming till it got to the point where this is it. My exploding head said settle down. This isn’t going to be your only chance to do it all. Pluck up the courage and join the creative people in the world that do it every day.

So here i am 6 months since i got married. I’ am half way through my floristry course and constantly taking cake classes. I am starting slowly with working on producing a portfolio and building a name.

And now i can successful tick of my list “start a blog on my journey”


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